Approved Minutes of March 19th, 2005 Board Meeting

Those present
                      Ken Russell President
                      Deanne Wright Vice President
                      Carol Hassebrock Treasurer
                      Peter Van Der Zalm Secretary
                      Anne Van Der Zalm

Those absent: None

Homeowners present: None

Called to order 9:15 A.M.


1.. Review and approve of January Minutes
Motion made by Ken Russell to amend the previously approved January 19, 2005 minutes
Seconded by Deanne Wright
Votes for the motion: Ken Russell, Deanne Wright, Carol Hassebrock, Anne Van Der Zalm
Votes against the motion: Peter Van Der Zalm

2.. Sewer backup update. Responsibility issues. ( 5 bottom units Phase 1 )
Carol Hassebrock gave a report about her meeting with Lawyer Hugh Lewis. His advice,
given verbally, is that it falls under casualty loss and the Mariners Cove Homeowners 
association is responsible. This loss is not covered by our insurance policy,
but we are filing a claim to recover the approximately $10,000.00 from Birch Bay Sewer 
and Water District.

3.. Entryway repair update.
The work has been completed with the exception of paint, and a few minor corrections. The
Paint as discussed at previous meetings will be done by volunteers. Deanne Wright offered 
organize the corrections.

New Business:

1.. Treasurer's report
Given by Carol Hassebrock

2.. Revisit the wording of January minutes concerning the "shortfall statement". (Carol)
The January minutes Treasurers report was clarified. The $2,139.64 reported as a shortfall
was actually dispersed to the Capital Reserve Fund.

3.. Budgeting ideas for assessment needs.
The Board will re-look at the Construction book prepared by Peter Van Der Zalm and the
the information of future major repairs and replacements prepared by Mark Simard of the
previous Board.

4.. Resale certificates.
Anne Van Der Zalm gave a copy of the resale certificate used and an explanation of the 
additional information that the form requires to be presented. Anne explained that the 
resale form requires a copy of the CCR and bylaws. She explained that she copies the one
that she was presented upon her purchase of the unit as no other copies are available.

5.. Letters received by mail and suggestion box.
A) Letter from Diane Olsen read to the Board
B) Letter from Katy Montfort read to the Board
C) Letter from Ron Edge Unit #215 read to the Board
D) Letter from Dan and Sharon Wasburn read to the Board.
Unit #245 reported plumbing problems. The problem had been previously repaired by
the Board, but the problem has reoccurred. Deanne Wright has offered to organize the 

Meeting adjourned 12:15 P.M.