Mariners Cove Condominium Board of Directors Meeting
March 18, 2006 at 9:00 AM

Attending: Carol Hasselbrock, Greg Bistline, Wayne Holverstat, Jim Morehouse, Arlyn Plagerman, Deanne Wright, Anne Van Der Zahm

Owner Frank Kuplent spoke with the board to indicate he will be using his truck and fifth wheel that he has had parked on the premises on April 17th.

Minutes for February 18, 2006 meeting were reviewed. M/S/P

Arlyn then reviewed the monthly financial report.

Wayne provided an updated on buildings status. Discussion on Phase III decks with Wayne and Arlyn to follow up with a contractor to secure a bid for that renovation project and begin the project at the earliest.

Pressure washing of sidewalks and fronts to entryways to all phases was conducted. It was noted that a good job was done by the firm doing the project.

Discussion on yard maintenance projects. Deanne to attempt to get a second bid on mulch project around all three phases that J & J suggested to Deanne should be done in order for them to be able to maintain the grounds at the level desired and not be spending a good portion of their time on just pulling weeds. 

Carol presented a list of local community development committees being held monthly relative to Birch Bay land use and growth. She suggested board members should consider attending these and report back to association board meetings any pertinent information that may affect Mariners Cove Condo Association Owners. Jim to determine when these committee meetings are held and report back to the board so volunteer assignments can be made.

The associationís CCRs will be reviewed by the board over the next several months in an effort to update them in accordance with current standards.

It was agreed to move the April meeting to a week later (April 22nd) due to the holiday weekend.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon