March 20, 2010 BOARD MEETING


President: Cathy Tepel
Vice President: Jim Morehouse
Treasurer: Carol Hassebrock
Secretary/Recording/ Janet Russell
Resale Certificate:
Maintenance: Wayne Holverstott
Member: Deanne Wright

ABSENTEES: Janet Russell, Jim Morehouse

GUESTS: Mark Sowers. Mark spoke of the good job the Board is doing and made suggestions regarding security.


MINUTES: February 18, 2010, accepted as presented. All in favor

FINANCIAL REPORT: Discussed by Carol. Carol made a motion to accept the revised budget. Deanne seconded. All in favor.



Report given by Wayne. The Board prioritized the most important needs for completion this summer:

Repair the first level landings on the back of Bldg III

Power wash the driveway and all sidewalks

Resurface the driveway

Caulk Bldg III

Paint the southern most wall of the Clubhouse

Repair 2 decks on the front of Bldg III

Place vapor barrier blocks behind the outdoor light fixtures on Bldgs.

Wayne motioned that all these jobs be completed this summer. Deanne seconded. All in favor.


Five bids were reviewed for the 2010 lawn service. Deanne motioned we award the contract to Dependable Lawn Care. Wayne seconded. All in favor.

Deanne will purchase the plants needed for the racquetball wall that was repaired last summer, and also those for the garden in front of unit 225.

  1. SALES:

2 units are for sale. No sales this month



  1. Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms:

Wayne has installed the detectors in Bldg I. All the units now have two.

  1. Pool Requirements:


Carol motioned we re-key the Clubhouse at the Annual Meeting. Wayne seconded. All in favor.

Clubhouse Hours:

Wayne motioned that the swimming pool be closed from 11pm to 5am.

Deanne seconded. All in favor. Professional signs will be purchased.


  1. Retaining Wall for Bldg II.

Wayne discussed the need for a short wall to be built at the back of Bldg II to stop the mud from running onto the sidewalk. Wayne is to get bids and the board will consider the issue after the completion of the repairs designated for 2010.

  1. LP Claim:

The warranty claim for the siding on Bldg III was denied. The company stated that it is normal for the siding to swell and recede during the year. They stated the importance of keeping the buildings caulked.

  1. Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting is to be held on June 5th, 2010. Carol and Cathy are working on information packets that will be mailed out prior to the meeting. Pool keys will need to be collected and reissued at the annual meeting.

  1. Retaining Wall At The Back Of Property:

Cathy had a discussion with the majority land owner of the Birch Bay Resort Park concerning the water run off from the hill above Mariner’s Cove property. It was suggested that there is a French drain behind the wall and if the vegetation that is too close to the wall was removed the water may no longer run onto the driveway. Wayne reported seeing open water running out from one of the travel trailers. Cathy will further pursue the issue.

  1. Trash Issues:

It was decided to move the cardboard recycling bin from inside the garbage enclosure so the recycle bin will not be mistaken for a regular garbage bin. Shredded paper needs to be placed in a bag before being disposed of because when the truck dumps the container it spills all over the driveway for someone else to clean up. ALL CARDBOARD MUST BE CRUSHED.

Adjournment: 12:30 pm


Next meeting is April 17th at 9:00 am.

Cathy Tepel, President