April 21, 2007

Mariner’s Cove Condo Association Board Minutes

Call to Order: 9:00 am.
               Present: Arlyn Plagerman, Jim Morehouse, Wayne Holverstott, Deanne Wright,Carol Hassebrock

Welcome Guests:
One owner present to request assistance with fireplace problem in unit 243. Arlyn and Carol will follow-up on concern.

Approved as written, with Deanne Wright’s name added as being in attendance.

Read letter from owner of unit 233 listing areas in unit that need to be checked. Wayne will follow-up on concerns.

Treasurer’s Report: - Arlyn
               Accepted as presented.
               Audit for 2006 is proceeding. Report should be ready for June 2 annual meeting.

Committee Reports:
Buildings update - Wayne.
               Cement repair around club house completed. Common for sale sign placed.
               Asphalt sidewalk in front of complex to be repaired in April.
               Vinyl problem on Phase I stair. Working with Lockhart Enterprises to correct.
               Pressure washing to be done by Harlan. Association Board will purchase pressure washer for use
               around complex by those assigned by Board to do work. Glue on some vinyl from deck work. Carol
                to check with Randy Roose about clean-up.

Grounds update - Deanne
               2007-2008 lawn mowing contract with J&J Landscaping
               Discussion on renovation of gardens followed. M.S.C. to provide a $5,000 budget for landscape work.
               Deanne given authority to direct the project.

Sales - Anne absent.
               No new sales. Resale certificate reviewed.

Old Business:
Tabled CCRs review Windows and patio doors in Phase III still need replaced. Carol to follow- up on warranty.

New Business:
Plans for June 2 annual meeting. Time set for 9:30am.
               Owners’ information packet to be mailed before meeting.
               Four board positions will be open.

Adjournment: 11:30 am

Carol Hassebrock, Recording for Anne Vander Zalm