Mariners Cove HOA
Approved minutes May 7th, 2005 Board Meeting (8:00 AM)

Those present
Deanne Wright Vice President
Carol Hassebrock Treasurer
Anne Van Der Zalm

Those absent: Peter Van Der Zalm Secretary
Ken Russell President

Homeowners present: None

Called to order: 8:00 A.M.

Old Business:
1. Review and approve of April Minutes
April minutes were approved

2. Engagement letter
We have engaged John L O’Brien & Co to do the 2004 audit

3. Assessment needs
We have discussed assessment needs in preparation for June’05 annual meeting

4. Roofing needs
Will be getting more information

5. Lawn care
Thatching, reseeding and fertilizing has been completed

6. Water damage
The claim for the water damage to phase 1 has been submitted to the Birch Bay Water & Sewer District

New Business:
1. Letters in suggestion box
Received a letter from Katy Montfort regarding the trees on the south side of her unit. 

We will talk to the gardeners.

2. Prepare for Annual Meeting
Prepared agenda for the Annual meeting