Approved Minutes


May 19, 2007



Call to Order: 9am


Directors present

Carol Hassebrock President

Deanne Wright Vice President

Arlyn Plagerman Treasurer

Anne Van Der Zalm Secretary

Jim Morehouse

Wayne Hoverstat

Welcome to visitors

George Emmit Unit #220



Minutes:  Correction/approval

April minutes approved



Treasurer's Report:  Arlyn

Financial reports, accepted as presented.

Update on audit status, The Audit is proceeding, report should be ready for June 2, 2007 annual meeting.




Discuss bill for work on unit 243 fireplace.

According to CCR’S, bill for fireplace is the responsibility of owner. This would be considered part of homeowner maintenance like cleaning of a furnace.


Committee Reports:

Buildings update – Wayne

Vinyl on Phase I being corrected.

Phase II stairwell sheet rock being looked at for maintenance work.

Siding repairs at south end of pool will be looked at for maintenance repairs.

Phase I bottom board: Wayne presented an estimate to replace the bottom board

Signage: New signage for unit sales has been installed.


Grounds update – Deanne

Ground work and maintenance is continuing. A work in progress.


Sales update -  Anne

Current listings were presented, no new sales since last meeting.



Birch Bay Community Meetings – Jim

New Deputy Sheriff in town, his name is Jim Langley 360 676 6650

Fire Station is now manned.


Old Business:

Table CCRs review


Plans for Annual Meeting, June 2, 2007

The agenda was reviewed and approved for AGM.






Windows and patio doors in Phase III

Wayne is still looking into the window warranty.


Asphalt on front path way.

Temporary repair has been completed.


Pool signs placed.

Pool has been changed over to Bromine from Chlorine; this is easier on pool equipment and pool surface.



New Business

No new business.



Other Business






Adjournment:  11:30pm