JUNE 5, 2004


Present: Mark Simard, Ken Russell, Peter Vanderzalm, Deanne Wright,Nancy Stull, Marianne Shotwell-Sowers and Larry Kosterewa

Meeting convened at 9:15 am, Nancy Stull, President, presiding

1. Presidents address covering past years accomplishments:
Repayment of the reserve fund is completed.
The security fence is 90% completed.

2. Rob Pemble of Sanitary Service Company gave a recycling presentation. Payment on recycling is based on garbage generated. The more material recycled, the less the cost of garbage pickup, therefore an over all saving on garbage disposal. The more homeowners who participate in this program, the more Mariners Cove will save on yearly garbage pickup.

Recycling bins would be set up by the existing garbage bins and fencing may have to be built.
Bin #1 Cardboard - corrugated and pizza boxes (food contamination is a problem on recycled paper products).
Bin #2 Mixed paper - cereal boxes, office paper
Bin #3 Newspapers
Bin #4 Cans, glass, plastic

A show of hands produced only one vote against this program. The vote was not passed since a quorum was not present.

3.Those present at the meeting were given copies of the Annual Audit Report to review.

4. Lawsuit against Exxel: Several condo owners complained about decks leaking. Bill Henshaw (homeowner) will pursue information regarding the new condo law. The members present were asked if they wanted to pursue the lawsuit against Exxel, in particular the deck repairs to Phase 3. The cost of a lawyer is $290 to renew the lawsuit. One owner suggested that we ask for a cash settlement. The board will review this.

5. Insurance claim for leaks resulting from the winter weather was over $34,000. The board asked homeowners to leave minimum heat on (55 degrees) in their units to prevent the pipes from freezing in winter. They were also asked to leave the bathroom doors open as no heaters are installed in the bathrooms and to leave a water tap dripping. It was also asked that they purchase an HO6 homeowners insurance policy.

6. No one volunteered to act as chairman to host a Volunteer Committee, however several homeowners offered by show of hands, to help. The board recognized and thanked Jim Morehouse for his volunteer help around the complex.

7. Insurance costs are rising and we will be able to pay our insurance premium up front in 5 years. Thanks to the Board for setting this repayment program. 

8. There was a reminder to everyone that the board meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Check the mailbox station for date. All homeowners are welcome to attend the meeting. Homeowner comments are limited to 5 minutes or you may put a signed note in the suggestion box. 

9. Portico roofs in Phase 1 have been treated/cleaned and will last another year or so but will need to be replaced since these roofs are 22 years old. The leaks were discovered in the outside wall; however, the leaking decks must be repaired now. Homeowners were told that repair to the decks in Phase 1 was required immediately and that it is essential this be completed before winter. As a result, an assessment may be required. Assessment amount to be determined. Much discussion on the assessment and an increase in dues took place. The consensus at the meeting was that those present preferred an assessment to a dues increase.

10. New board members were welcomed. By acclamation,
          Phase 1 - Unit 226, Deanne Wright
          Phase 2 - Unit 217, Ann Vanderzalm
          Phase 3 - Unit 244, Carol Hasselbrock-Haveman
Wayne volunteered for yard maintenance. Fulfilling a two-year term were Larry Kosterewa and Mark Simard. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the betterment of Mariners Cove.

11. Homeowners can pick up the minutes in the common kitchen or else on the web site.

12. If Home owners would like referrals for a Plumber, Painter, Electrician or require an outside light replaced please call Harlen at (360-371-2088).

13. Ken asked for help in finding out who is stealing our notices at the mailbox location.

14. New Officers: President............. Marianne Shotwell
                              Vice President.... Ken Russell
                              Secretary............ Peter Vanderzalm
                             Treasurer............ Nancy Stull

15. Motion to adjourn by Nancy
Seconded by Ken 

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am

Larry Kosterewa, Secretary

As a point of information, the Board has agreed to change to the recycled garbage collection offered by SSC (Sanitary Service Company) in Bellingham.

An owner recommended this local area locksmith (360) 332-8406, Pacific Lock and Safe

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