Mariners Cove Condominium Board of Directors Meeting
June 3, 2006 at 12:15 PM

Attending: Carol Hassebrock, Greg Bistline, Wayne Holverstat, Jim Morehouse, Arlyn Plagerman, Deanne Wright, Anne Van Der Zahm

Carol asked for discussion of new board officers. Slate was presented as follows:

President – Carol Hassebrock
Vice President – Deanne Wright
Treasurer – Arlyn Plagerman
Secretary – Greg Bistline


Carol indicated she would like to begin the task of reviewing the CCRs for the association and updating, noting this would have to be done in small increments, but with gradual review, a good portion of the CCRs would be updated by next year’s annual meeting. Carol will distribute the current CCRs to board members prior to next board meeting on July 15th.

Greg motioned to have the board provide Arlyn and Carol together the authority to review the forensic auditor’s report without the other board members in attendance. Seconded by Deanne. Passed.

Carol indicated she would bring to the next board meeting, for the Board’s consideration, information on increasing the liability amount for the association’s insurance.

Adjourn 12:50 PM.