June 20, 2009 BOARD MEETING

President:                         Cathy Tepel
Vice President:                 Jim Morehouse
Treasurer:                        Carol Hassebrock
Secretary/Recording/        Janet Russell
Resale Certificate: 
Maintenance:                   Wayne Holverstott
Member:                         Deanne Wright



CORRESPONDENCE: 1 letter regarding gas issue in a building 3 unit. Janet will contact owner regarding potential replacement of stove and family member notified. 

MINUTES: Accepted as presented. All in favor

FINANCIAL REPORT: Discussed by Cathy. May 2009 is behind budget; however, money is coming in to cover the overage. 



Report given by Wayne. Racquetball wall is finished, except for painting.

Work in unit #248 is completed and roof is repaired over the unit. 

Nolan Roofing is contracted to work on Bldg. 3’s roof, after July.

Wayne presented a proposal for painting/caulking for Bldg. #1 and #2 from Duane Vis Painting:
Painting/caulking - $2800.00
Racket Ball wall - $ 500.00
Pool House wall - $ 300.00
Total                   $3600.00

Wayne recommended to look at bldg 3 for caulking, as well as, sprinkler pipes will be checked in bldg. 3 for insulation around pipes.

Wayne will notify Cathy of maintenance proposals, Cathy will notify the Board via e-mail and request a vote. 

The Board gave Wayne authorization to continue with working with vendors on maintenance. 

Wayne proposed a storage shed, which he offered to build. The shed will be located at the south end of the parking lot. Carol motioned and Janet seconded the motion. Approved. 

     2.  GROUNDS: 
Deanne will ask for a new proposal from the Landscaper to cover costs through 12 months.

     3.   SALES
One unit sold. Four units are for sale.


  1. Signature with Bank and Booking Solutions: 
    The Board reluctantly accepts Denny Dickey’s resignation. Carol approved as Treasurer. 

    All in favor.
  2. Reserve Study Financing: 
    The Reserve Study has been funded and request for the study to begin will be sent the week of June 22nd. 
  3. Fire Safety Check: 
    The Fire Safety Check will be on July 6th. Jim will deliver the notice of the check, as well as, it will be posted on the Mariner’s Cove website.
  4. Smoke detector and equipment for Bldg. 1: 
    Jim continues to work on the agenda item. 


  1. Assessment notification/House Rules: 
    Notification and House Rules were sent out with the July invoice. 
  2. Discussion of acceptance letter: 
    Letter accepted and issue closed.
  3. Insurance: 
    Insurance is due 8/09. Mariner’s Cove insurance is primary liability. The owner picks up amount over payment by insurance. 
  4. Budget Revision: 
    Carol proposed to revise the 2009 budget as follows: Line item revisions as follows: Transfer to Building Reserve Account of $2983.00 will be zeroed out and $600.00 of this amount will be moved to the Office Expense line, changing the budget amount from $1000.00 to $1600.00, and $2383.00will be moved to line item Landscape Maint; changing the budget amount from $10,000 to $12,383.00.
    A motion given by Carol. Seconded by Cathy. All in favor.
  5. Recycle: 
    Due to a change in the recycle company Mariner’s Cover is now required to pay approximately $700.00 per month. Recycle letter sent to all homeowners. Letter approved. 
  6. Pool: 
    Freon coil leek. New coil will cost $8,000.
  7. Homeowner’s Requests: 
    Homeowner in bldg. 2 requested a tree to be cut down near their unit. Family member will handle. Board agreed; and will let the homeowner know that a replace of some type will be required. 
    A homeowner requested handicap parking. Board will comply. 

Adjournment: 11:45 pm

Next meeting is in the process of being scheduled.

Janet Russell, Secretary