President: Cathy Tepel

Vice President: Jim Morehouse

Treasurer: Carol Hassebrock


Resale Certificate:

Maintenance: Wayne Holverstatt

Lawn Maintenance: Deanne Wright

Chris Urquhart

Katy Montfort


ABSENTEES: Katy Montfort, Deanne Wright, Wayne Holverstatt


CORRESPONDENCE: 1 letter discussing sliding glass door problems

MINUTES: Minutes from May, 2010 were postponed until next meeting


  1. Assessment:
  2. The Board discussed the Annual Board Meeting mandate that a single assessment in the amount of $2,500.00 for major repairs be levied. Carol made a motion that we assess the Owners a single assessment in the amount of $2,500 for major repairs, payable in 60 days. Jim seconded. All in Favor.

    At the Annual meeting, the members motioned and passed the proposal to continue the current $50.00 monthly assessment due to expire on September 31, 2010 for an additional 3 years. It was also discussed that after 3 years the Owners would re-assess the financial needs.

    Cathy motioned that the Board follows the directions of the Unit Owners and continues the monthly assessment of $50.00 until September 2013. Chris seconded. All in favor.

  3. Bids for Major Repairs:
  4. The Board discussed the major repairs identified at the Annual Meeting. The identified repairs are: Replace siding/windows and any rot in the Clubhouse; Preparing and painting the metal railing and trim; Restripe the driveway and repair any holes; Repair the remaining balconies on BLDG III; Replace 5 windows on BLDG !; and Removal of sidewalk.

    Carol motioned that we begin the bid process for the repairs. Chris seconded. All in favor.

    Carol motioned that we research the legal requirements for removing the sidewalk. Chris seconded. All in favor. Cathy and Carol formed a committee to investigate removing the sidewalk.

  5. CCR’s and Bylaw Changes:
  6. The Board discussed the results of votes made at the Annual Meeting. Cathy stated the number of members that attended were 38, not the 36 stated at the meeting. One owner signed in different spot on the sheet and one member did not sign in.

    Cathy made a motion to send the ballots requesting votes to the 13 Owners not represented at the Annual Meeting. Chris seconded. All in


  7. Security System:

Cathy motioned that the Board follow the suggestions of the Unit Owners to investigate a security system for Mariner’s Cove. Carol seconded. All in favor.


NEXT MEETING: Friday, July 16 @ 9am


Cathy Tepel