July 12, 2003




PRESENT: Board Members Nancy Stull, Ken Russell, Daun Botta Pillo, Marianne Shotwell-Sowers, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterwera, George Emmett and Mark Sowers, Facilities Administrator.


Meeting convened at 9:00 am, Nancy Stull presiding.


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of June 7, 2003 approved as corrected by Mark Simard.  Minutes of the May 10,2003 Board meeting were also read and approved.  There will be a mailing to members of the annual minutes this year.  However, as a cost-saving measure, future Board minutes will be mailed with quarterly dues notices.  Monthly Board meeting minutes will be posted on the MC Internet site at   The site includes a bulletin board for Mcove owners’ use.


Discussion: A member has proffered dues payment for one year in advance.  Accepted, with the understanding that any subsequent dues increase will be billed additionally.


Discussion:  A letter recently received by Mariner’s Cove (MC) owners from the Muljat Group realtors conveys the incorrect impression that there is a “connection” between MC and Muljat.  The Board advises owners that no relationship exists.


Facilities Administrator’s Report:  Estimated cost of having roof, drains and gutters cleaned as a means of extending their useful life is estimated at “under $2,000.”  Phase 2 roof has ten years of warranty remaining; Phase 3 four years; Phase 1 fourteen years…Bids received in April for deck repairs and other maintenance were reviewed by the Board.  The Facilites Administrator (Administrator)  will follow up…Faulty deck repairs to Phases 1 & 3 are to be addressed by Railworks and the builder…Persistent security problems include incursions by teenagers, unauthorized use of pool, facilities and parking, etc.  Administrator and a Board member have personally evicted unauthorized individuals, but incidents continue...The Administrator requested authorization to purchase a humidity gauge to reduce cost of plumber ’house calls’ to investigate reports of dampness in walls, etc..  The request was tabled pending more info…Lawsuit against Teriyaki Café settled for $3,000.  Full amount has been received…Water bills continue to rise, due in part to some owners failing to repair leaking plumbing appliances or take other water conservation measures.  Faulty toilets should be reported to the Administrator..  Repairs are usually simple and inexpensive.


Discussion:  Re: Recent thefts, car prowling, outsider use of our pool and parking lot and other incursions.  Ballots to be sent to owners regarding a small one-time assessment to provide appropriate fencing at north and south ends of property.  THE BOARD UNANIMOUSLY ENDORSES THIS MEASURE TO ENHANCE OUR SECURITY AND PRIVACY AND REDUCE THEFT, VANDALISM AND UNAUTHORIZED USE OF OUR FACILITIES.   In  the same connection, owners who become aware of unfamiliar persons using the pool, sauna, or other facilities are urged to question which of those persons has a facility key.  Groups or individuals without a key or owner accompanying them are not authorized to be present in the facility. 


Condominium Keys:  Condominium master keys are held by Board members Daun (#247); Ken (#246); FA Mark (#239); and Harlan (#236).


Disc: Condominium Owners Insurance:  Owners are advised to study their individual

homeowner insurance coverage.  Damage to their units and liability for damage to adjoining units due to faulty workmanship by contractors they hire is not covered by Mariner’s Cove insurance.


Disc:  Daun has obtained 3 outside estimates for MC bookkeeping presently performed by Facilities Administrator Mark Sowers.  The bids indicate possible savings if we outsource.   Mark has been asked to deliver to the Board a written description of all aspects of his F.A. duties, including an estimate of the time value devoted to accounting tasks, for comparison to the outside estimates.


MOTION  by Mark Simard, Ken Russell 2d: Moved that we proceed with soliciting formal bids for MC accounting, for possible implementation October 1st, 2003.  Motion passed unanimously.


Disc:  There was general agreement that critically low reserve account, exhausted two years ago by painting and other essential expenditures, must be rebuilt.  George Emmett suggested that, as an alternative to depleting our operating budget, we explore possibility of converting up to 20 existing excess parking spaces to groups of four or five side-by-side covered carports (with lockers).  Interested owners would pre-pay, and the units built and deeded to those owners (who would also pay a small monthly charge for maintenance of their carports.)  Profits of $3,500-5,000 per unit would be used to replenish the MC reserve account.  George will make a more detailed presentation at the next Board meeting


MOTION by Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa 2d:  Moved that the $3,000 received from Teriyaki Café be assigned to the reserve account, with an additional $2,000 per month assigned to the fund until the $25,000 minimum required for the fund is fully restored.  Motion passed unanimously.


Disc: “Condo For Sale” sign.  George suggested that the permanent front-entry display of this sign conveys the erroneous and value-damaging impression that there is a high and constant turnover of Mariner’s Cove condominiums, a la Jacobs Landing. He urged that sign be removed or replaced with something more accurate and aesthetic.


Meeting adjourned 1:20 pm.


Next Board meeting: Saturday, August 9, 2003 @ 9:00 am.



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George Emmett