Mariners Cove Condominium Board of Directors Meeting
July 16, 2005 at 9:00 AM

Attending: Carol Haveman, Greg Bistline, Jim Morehouse Arlyn Plagerman, Anne Van Der Zalm, Deanne Wright, Wayne Holversstott

The board listened to presentation on deck repair issues for units 246 and 247.

Minutes for June 25, 2005 meeting were reviewed. M/S/P

Review of Treasure's Report and correspondence received.

Board M/S/P deck repairs for units 246 an 247 and to start with #224 in Phase I in order to give us an estimate and continue with Phase I deck repairs as time and money permits. Repairs will be completed by A.BS. Construction.

Board M/S/P one signature stamp for checks.

The board is obtaining a survey map of the sewer lines to find the cause of the winter flooding problems. Also, there will be the annual check of the fire extinguishers around the complex and testing of the water valve.

Board M/S/P to have a survey conducted by Chicago Title Company with regards to the Association's ownership of beach property across the street from property. It has been determined that the condo association does have a portion ownership in the beachfront and a more definitive ownership will be done by Chicago Title Company.

Discussions were conducted on several association property issues, with further research to be conducted before a letter will go out to all condo residents/owners from the board informing them of the status of these issues.

Updates were provided on roster changes and ownership changes. The board formulated committees and selected chairs for several ongoing of forthcoming issues surrounding the complex. All residents will be welcome to serve on the committees.

The Board M/S/P adding signage around the property associated this being a private residence area. Also, approved some tree removal in proximity to Phase III that will enable the outdoor lighting switches to work appropriately again.

Discussions on future assessments and assigned parking were tabled.

Secretary, Jim Morehouse