Mariners Cove Condominium Board of Directors Meeting
August 27, 2005 at 9:00 AM

Attending: Carol Hasselbrock, Greg Bistline, Wayne Holverstat, Arlyn Plagerman, Deanne Stone, Anne Van Der Zahm

Minutes for July 16, 2005 meeting were reviewed. M/S/P

Review of car port information that was earlier received by members with discussion. It was determined further information is still needed before having association members review for consideration.

Review of Treasure’s Report by Arlyn. He presented information on the association’s property insurance premium payments. Discussion by the board.

Discussion continued with the deck repairs by A.B.C. Construction. It was noted that the repair work is more extensive due to more damage than was originally estimated. Three decks will be completed at this time.

Deanne gave a report on the property grounds, which have been kept clean through Harlan’s efforts. She also noted that Harlan repaired the pool cover as a temporary solution. She also showed the samples of signage that is to be posted around the grounds informing guests of parking privileges.

The board reviewed information on initial sewer research and assessment for the property. It was suggested, with all the announced development that is to be completed in the vicinity of our property, to have an engineer to do a feasibility study of our sewer capabilities for future needs on the property’s sewer system. M/S/P

A copy of the title for the condominium property was presented to the board. It shows that the condominium association is partial owner of the beachfront across Birch Bay Drive from the property

Discussion continued on the claim against Birch Bay Water and Sewer.

The auditors report was then discussed.

The board then discussed what the property is looking at in the future with regards to future repairs and necessary property improvements. The present monthly association dues do not keep up with the future schedule for improvements. Various examples of assessments were discussed by board members and what amounts look like that will be necessary to keep the property in good shape and maintained. An assessment for $50 per month, paid quarterly with the dues beginning October 1st 2005, was reviewed by the board. M/S/P.