President: Cathy Tepel

Vice President: Jim Morehouse

Treasurer: Carol Hassebrock

Secretary/Recording/ Katy Montford

Resale Certificate:

Maintenance: Wayne Holverstatt

Lawn Maintenance: Deanne Wright

Chris Urquhart


ABSENTEES: Wayne Holverstatt

GUESTS: Kevin Johnson, Lynden Sheet Metal Inc.

CORRESPONDENCE: 1 letter regarding insurance

MINUTES: July 23, 2010 minutes accepted as presented. All in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Accepted as presented. All in favor


  1. Maintenance:
  2. Cathy stated that the painting is in progress. Repairs to clubhouse, balconies and windows will be started early September.

  3. Grounds:

Deanne reported that the sprinkler system has been worked on and the repairs and adjustments made as needed. The system is now working well.

  1. Sales:

One unit is sold, four are remaining for sale



  1. Fire Sprinkler Inspection:
  2. Inspections have been completed and reports have been filed with BBWS.

  3. Recap on Votes from the annual meeting:
  4. Postponed

  5. Reserve Study:
  6. Cathy presented options for updating the reserve study as required by law. Carol motioned that the Association do the updates of the study ourselves as this meets one of the legal obligations... Chris seconded. All in favor.

  7. Cleaning of dryer vents:
  8. Jim has volunteered to get the dryer vents cleaned.

  9. Pool Regulations:
  10. Postponed

  11. Sliding Glass Doors:
  12. All the sliding glass doors that have been reported with problems have been checked and necessary repairs were made.

  13. Insurance:
  14. Cathy presented insurance options for the Sept 2010 to Aug 2011 year. Chris motioned that the Board have the insurance company investigate increasing the replacement values of the building to meet the present estimated replacement costs. Deanne seconded. All in favor




Visitor Kevin presented the present needs of the HVAC System and its capabilities. Kevin gave a list of the current repair needs required to have the HVAC up and running this winter. These repair costs warrant a look at a new system. He proposed going to the EBAC Model PD200 Industrial Dehumidifier System. Kevin also stated that the old system could be converted into an air conditioning system if needed. He proposed that the new windows for the pool area be ones that can be opened in the summer to minimize the need for air conditioning. The fans used for the old system will work very well with the proposed new system. Kevin was thanked for his time and efforts in improving our systems.

Carol motioned that we install 2 units of the EBAC system, with wiring for a third for future installation if necessary. Kevin will get us a bid for the cost of wiring. Chris seconded. All in favor.

Carol motioned that we replace the broken fan motor in the pool area and install new windows with locking sliders to allow for either air exchange or a closed system as needed. These are windows in the pool area that were already slated for replacement. Chris seconded. All in favor.

The hot water tank in the Clubhouse needs to be replaced. Kevin Johnson advised a 40 gallon hot water tank. Cathy motioned and Katy seconded. All in favor.

The board broke into an executive meeting for hour.

The board came out of the executive meeting at 11:25.


NEXT MEETING: September 18, 2010




Prepared by: Katy Montfort, Secretary