September 13, 2003

PRESENT: Board Members Nancy Stull, Ken Russell, Daun Botta Pillo, Marianne Shotwell-Sowers, Mark Simard, Larry Kosterewa, George Emmett and Mark Sowers, Facilities Administrator.

Meeting convened at 9:05 am, Nancy Stull presiding

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of July 12 and August 9 approved as corrected. As previously decided, monthly Board meeting minutes will be posted on the MC Internet site at   The site, provided and maintained by Board V.P. Ken Russell, includes a bulletin board for M.C. owners’ use and information.  Owners are urged to bookmark and visit the site.

Facility Administrator’s (Mark Sowers) Report:

1. Units #223 and #222 have been sold but not yet closed. Required “Resale Certificates” have been provided.

2. An insect problem (bees) in Phase 2 has been corrected.

3. Original sprinkler plans for Phase 2 have been located; plans for Phase 3 still being sought.  Plans are needed to apply for insurance premium reduction.

4. Spa: During the past month, coffee grounds were spilled into the spa, clogging filters and requiring closure until filters could be serviced. 

5. Regarding Unit #229, flooded in July due to faulty replacement of a commode, Facilities Manager (F.M.) has sent a letter requiring the responsible contractor (Walker Carpet One) to accept responsibility and provide reimbursement.  If the contractor fails to accede, The F.M. recommended, among other alternatives, that our attorney be directed to send a letter to the contractor preliminary to a lawsuit to obtain compliance.

   MOTION: by Daun, George 2d, That Mark direct our attorney, Chris Fletcher, to send such a letter if no favorable response is received to his own letter by Sept. 15th..

6. Re: Unit #212: An interior wall leak due to an obvious original construction flaw resulted in substantial damage to the unit. 

   MOTION: By Nancy, Ken 2d, that $136.62 be reimbursed to owners.  Passed unanimously.

7. Change in dates of electricity billing will result in apparent double-billing for one month.  Actual amounts paid will not vary from normal.

8. Re: Roof, Phase 2:  Inspection, removal of loose debris and replacement of a couple asphalt shingles was handled by volunteers.  Recommendation was made to have gutters cleaned this year and recoat the roof next year.  With such treatment the roof should last a number of years before it will need to be replaced.

9. Re: Essential Deck Repair Bids: Two bids received and discussed.

   MOTION: by Mark, 2d by Larry: That we accept bid by Faber for projects 1 and 3 of required repairs, delaying 3rd project if possible to next year. Passed unanimously, conditional on Faber providing proof of insurance for condominium work, and required permits.

(End F.A. Report)

Re: Special Board Meeting Called Wed., August 20th: To discuss insurance.  Minutes not taken.  Due to perceived recent unethical behavior by our insurance broker, a quorum of the Board agreed unanimously to move our insurance business to Snapper Shuler Kenner at similar or better terms.

Security Fence: Ken Russell has contacted 4 fence contractors.  The leading contender thus far is Northwest Fence, which offers to install commercial grade decorative fencing for a total of $2,845.  Self-closing gates and other essential extras are not included.

   MOTION: By Nancy, Ken 2d, to send out owner ballots, asking that they approve a $75.00 special assessment to cover cost of installed security fencing on the north and south ends of Mariner’s Cove, plus appropriate closures.  Ballots to be returned by October 30th.  Motion passed unanimously.  Approval of the fencing is unanimously urged by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report: (Daun) $2,000 was erroneously assigned to Insurance Fund instead of Reserves Account.  To correct, $4,000 will be assigned to Reserve Reimbursements next month.

Disc. re: cash preservation.

   MOTION: by Ken, Marianne 2d, to reduce number of garbage dumpsters from 3 to 2 for winter “slow” season.  F.A. to notify refuse company.  Passed unanimously.

Disc: Change Board meeting date from 2d to 3rd Saturday of each month to coordinate with bank financial statements and other factors.  Next Board meeting dates will be Oct. 18, Nov. 15 and Dec. 20 at 9:00am.

Disc:  Speed Bumps:  Mark Simard’s research, stemming from the recent speeding accident in our parking lot that resulted in extensive damage to 3 vehicles, showed costs in a range of $124-$155 per 9-foot section.  Four such sections are estimated to be required.  Subject tabled for future discussion.

Disc:  Elimination of Facilities Manager position:  After extended debate of pros and cons, centering on the $900 per month cost of retaining the position vs. benefits of such a position to the community, the following motion was offered.

   MOTION: By Mark Simard, 2d by Larry Kosterewa, to eliminate the position of Facilities Manager.  Passed by 4 yes votes (Mark, Larry, Daun, Ken) vs. 3 no votes (Nancy, George, Marianne) A hand-written 30-day termination notice, signed by the majority, is to be delivered to the Facilities Administrator.

   In following discussion, four directors volunteered to assume F.A.. duties.  Mark Simard (206-362-0936) will track overdue member payments and prepare resale certificates (required when a unit is sold) and other administrative functions.  Larry and Ken will interact with the developer and other contractors as necessary.  Daun already keeps track of the M.C. monthly books and will continue to do so.  Owner contact with Board management will be maintained via the Suggestion Box in the clubhouse and other available avenues.

Suggestion Box: Three received.  Two requested repair of the beverage vending machine in the clubhouse.  (Repairs have been made.)  The third requested that we keep the clubhouse refrigerator stocked with (free) beer.  Denied.

Meeting adjourned at 1:28 PM.

Submitted by:
George Emmett, Secty.