Mariners Cove
Sept. 18, 2004 meeting minutes


Called to order 9:00 A.M. Sept. 18, 2004

Those Present Marianne Shotwell, President
                      Ken Russell, Vice President
                      Deanne Wright
                      Carol Hassebrock
                      Anne Van Der Zalm
                      Peter Van Der Zalm, Secretary

Those absent Nancy Stull, Treasurer

Homeowners present: NONE


1. Discuss and approve previous minutes
Discussion took place as to what should be included in the minutes. The secretary felt that to edit the minutes of additional information would not give the homeowners and future boards the information required to make future decisions and to record the decision that have been made, and the reason why the Director made them.

Motion to accept the minutes 
Carol Hassebrock
Second by Ken Russell
Vote unanimous

2. Update on deck repairs Phase 1- Marianne 
Franks deck has been repaired to the point that the new deck surface has been installed, the trim boards and some caulking will be finished this month. The T Deck has been reconstructed to the point that weather dictates when the surface material can be installed.
3. Security Fence update – Ken 
The fence has been completed. The lock mechanism is all that could be accommodated with using the existing pool key. We will monitor the security and see if this is a deterrent.
4. Winterizing letter of reminder to Homeowners
A letter will be sent to the homeowners and renters concerning winterizing unit.
5. Phase 3 deck repairs (Rail works Aluminum Railing and Vinyl Decks 380.4040)
Some discussion took place regarding our existing lawsuit against Excell. The consensus was to table to the special meeting to discuss the assessment.
6. Revisit ‘complaint letter’ for parking lot cleanup at North end.
The material in question has been cleaned up. The board agreed a letter should be sent to the homeowner that sent the complaint letter to the board. The secretary was instructed to send a letter.
7. E-mail communication and voting by Board members
E-mail vote on Aug. 2, 2004
Discussion took place as to the CCR interpretation of a board vote. The advantage of e-mail voting was expressed; it could save and be convenient. The consensus was that it would not replace face to face meetings but be used when prompt decisions must be made. The board agreed to table until we could agree on rules and validity.

8. Tree/Shrub cut back in parking lot.
The previous volunteer group cannot secure the use of a chainsaw. This work will be conducted later.
9. Report from the Project Committee – Carol, Anne and Peter
The Capital work Committee presented the draft copy of their work. The Board agreed to reproduce the booklet for all board members to review and edit.
10. Assessment
This item will be discussed at a special meeting of the Board strictly for this purpose. The tasks required to be included in the assessment are many and will require much discussion.
11. Insurance policies update and plans for next years (’05-’06) down payment.
Insurance costs are up 10% overall with the deductible up from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00. The total premium is $31,820.80. The Board instructed Carol Hassebrock to send a letter to Paul Kenner our agent and ask for his confirmation that we have sufficient coverage. This is in response to the dollar value of the sale of the last unit.
12. Lawn care thru the winter months: Thatching, weed and feed, last mowing of the year.
The lawn maintenance contract expires on Oct. 31, 2004. This was a cost cutting measure that was used last year to stay within our budget.
Motion to let contract expire on Oct. 31, 2004
Carol Hassebrock
    Second Ken Russell
    For the motion 5
    Against 1


1. Legal representation for the Association (Attorney change?)
    a. Joe Abbott (966.5200) Everson ($190. per hour, Legal Asst. $60.)
    b. Hugh Lewis (360-392-2880) 114 W Magnolia St. Bham. ($180/hr $75/hr Asst.)

Hugh Lewis specializes in condominium law and was recommended by Snapper Schuler.
This was tabled to a future meeting to discuss.
2. Location for Satellite dish installations
Ken Russell will investigate the rights of homeowners to have access to satellite dishes. This will allow us to make a decision within the law to restrict the dishes or the location of dishes. Tabled until Ken makes his report.
3. Letter of permission for Verizon to install 2nd phone line in #236
Discussion took place as to the reason for the second line. Question was raised that if it was for business this is not allowed on the property. The reason stated is the line is for internet service. Question asked would this require wire to be strapped to outside of building. Discussion took place as to whether the phone line in phase 1 might allow a second line, without the need for Verizon to string line outside of the building. Tabled until more information is available.
4. Parking lot security:
    a. Cascade Towing signs
    b. Vehicle & Guest ID stickers
Tabled to next regular meeting.
5. Set up Mariners Cove office facility
The existing office is at present being used for storage by a homeowner. This homeowner stored his belongings because of the freeze last winter. His unit suffered water damage. The Board agreed that a letter be prepared and delivered asking him to remove his belongings. This letter was delivered and agreement was reached with the homeowner.
ADDITION to the minutes.
Marianne was asked to try and secure the lawn maintenance contract with the same firm at the same price next year. 

Motion to adjourn at 1 P.M.
    Carol Hassebrock
    Second Ken Russull