Approved Minutes September 16, 2006

Called to Order 9:00 am. By Deanne Vice President

Directors present 
Deanne Wright Vice President
Arlyn Plagerman Treasurer
Wayne Holverstat
Anne Van Der Zalm
Jim Morehouse


Greet guests None in attendance 

Minutes of August meeting read and approved

The board agreed to accept Greg's written resignation.
Discussion took place to ask volunteers to fill this vacant position.

Anne Van Der Zalm has volunteered to fulfill the duties of Secretary (Greg’s previous position).

The board discussed how to fill this position for the balance of the term. Discussion revolved around who to ask. Arlyn made the motion to ask Bill Henshaw and this was seconded by Jim Morehouse. Motioned, Seconded, Passed.

Treasurer's Report - Arlyn
Financial statement given to the board by Arlyn
Funds recovery report. Given to the board by Arlyn

Question? By Carol (in writing)
Does the Board want another audit other than the fraud audit? 

Arlyn stated that the CCR do have a requirement for yearly Audit 
Question was tabled to October meeting.

Deck repair report Wayne 
Continuing leak problem in Diane Olson unit in Phase I, upstairs, outside corner
unit on the North end of Phase I. We had an inspection of the roof in that area and the report is forthcoming.

Wayne gave report on the decks in Phase 1 the construction progress is continuing.

The Mariners Cove sign is in need of painting.
Deanne will ask Harlen

Wayne has done his monthly property inspection and he reports
Vinyl on unit 232 has bubbled. Wayne will talk to the vinyl contractor.
The new cladding on the posts on Phase 3 need to be trimmed up so moisture will not deteriorate
Paint on the south side of the clubhouse requires warranty work.
Wayne brought up replacement of the base boards on Phase 1.
The fogged window on unit 240 will be investigated for warranty replacement. 

Grounds report Deanne
Discuss diseased tree removal from parking lot side of Phase III.
Deanne will get quotes for the removal of these trees.
Pruning is required in rear of phase 2 and boulevard trees along Birch Bay Drive.

Birch Bay watch dog committee’s review Jim

There is talk of Birch Bay getting a grade school in 4 to 5 years, and the construction of boat launch with a pier in approximately 2 years. This was discussed at meetings that Jim was in attendance.

Old Business

Insurance: We have insurance purchased for year September 2006 through August 2007. We increased the liability umbrella coverage an additional 2 million from the 1 million, giving us a total liability umbrella of 3 million. 

The property replacement value was increased by 4%, which is the industry standard. Snapper, Schuler, Kenner Insurance has advised us to increase an additional 6% giving us a total increase of 10% over the last year. The reasoning is that construction costs in Whatcom County have increased more than 4%. Paul Kenner is getting us a quote on what that additional value coverage would cost in premiums. We can add increased value to our insurance package at any time. Paul Kenner suggested we might want to pay to have a professional evaluate our complex and give us a professional opinion of replacement costs. The evaluation would cost us. Although, regardless of premium costs, we need to be at replacement costs according to our CC&Rs.
Tabled to October meeting

Review of Bylaws
Tabled to October meeting

New Business

Discussion took place about recreational vehicles and owners personal cars in the parking lot, to confirm ownership of these vehicles.

Carol and Deanne will prepare sample form drafts to the October meeting. These forms ideas are for lease agreements, and forms to register recreational vehicles. 

No decision has been made; this is a discussion that some board members feel is very important and must be handled properly.

Meeting Adjourned. 11:35 A. M.