Approved Minutes

Sept. 15, 2007

Call to Order: 9 AM

Directors present
Carol Hassebrock President
Deanne Wright Vice President
Arlyn Plagerman Treasurer
Wayne Hoverstat
Jim Morehouse
Anne Van Der Zalm Secretary

Cathy Tepel

Welcome to visitors
None present

Minutes: Correction/approval
August read and approved
June Annual Meeting read and approved
June Board Meeting read and approved

Treasurer's Report: Arlyn
Financial reports, accepted as presented.

Committee Reports:
South wall on pool has been repaired.
Phase II roof repairs underway, ill be finished this month.
Pool and Clubhouse roof needs replacement, walls need painting.
Vote on roof and paint
Motion Deanne passed
Wayne will replace bottom board around phase I.

Grounds update: Deanne continues to monitor

Sales update: - Anne
No new sales.

Birch Bay Community Meetings: Jim
Meetings continue regarding the growth of Birch Bay.

Old Business:
Insurance has been renewed.

New Business 
Investigating repair of fogged windows.

Adjournment: 11:30 AM