September 18, 2010 BOARD MEETING




President:                              Cathy Tepel

Vice President:                     Jim Morehouse

Treasurer:                              Carol Hassebrock

Secretary/Recording/          Katy Montfort

Resale Certificate:  

Maintenance:                       Wayne Holverstatt

Lawn Maintenance:                        Deanne Wright

                                                Chris Urquhart


Carol Hassebrock




1 letter regarding renting



August minutes approved as presented.  All in Favor


Financial Report approved as presented.  All in Favor



Committee reports:

1.    Maintenance:
The lights at the entrance way continue to be a problem.  Wayne has agreed to look into options for new lights and how to keep them from being damaged.  Wayne will also get with Dan D regarding the ongoing concerns.

Wayne stated that the existing bike racks are insufficient.  He proposed that we have another rack built and attached to the very south wall.  Chris seconded.  All in favor.

2.    Grounds:
Cathy reported to the Board a meeting she had with Mark, of Dependable Lawn Care.  He has agreed to make sure the perimeter of the driveway is blown weekly and will have the bushes at BLDG III cut next week.  (Carol:  the discussion followed that although the lawn looks good, the constant reminder to Mark of issues, the mowing over of trash and leaving it there, the not really cleaning out the gardens is making us wonder if we really have the right company for the money.  Also the constant nickel and diming is becoming worry some – he wants money for every little thing – he does have a good conscience about here and when he sees things he does compensate adequately, but ……)

3.    Sales:
1 unit has closed.  (the new owners are from Pittsburg, and have no intentions of renting it = she is an anesthesiologist and he is a bush pilot for oil companies – they will only be here for a few weekends and weeks a year, Carol I have nothing formal on the new owners, am I supposed to get something)

Old Business:

1.    Update on EBAC System:
The electrician has submitted a bid for $750.00 to install the wiring for the EBAC System, including wiring for an extra unit if deemed necessary in the future. Cathy proposed that we approve this bid.  Deanne seconded.  All in favor.

The EBAC system is to be installed the week of Sept 27, 2010.

4.    Dryer Vents:
The dryer vents have been cleaned. Since it involved being on the roof, the gutters and roofs have been cleaned.

5.    Trim Painting:
The trim has been painted and looks great.

6.    Repairs:
Dan D is to start work this week.  (He presented a bid for doing the pool minus the walls for $40,000.  That is everything except replacing the walls, but the understand is that if there is a lot of rot once we get it open he would go to the original bid – in hopes that it will eliminate the expense of time and material.  I asked him about not residing the west side, and he said that the wall perpendicular to the wall we replaced already was quite rotten and the area above the partial roof above the doors is also very bad, so the board decided we had better redo it all. )

7.    Pool Rules and Regulations:
Chris presented to the Board the information that she found regarding pool/spa rules and regulation standards of the State as well as what other pools are doing in the area.  A discussion followed and Chris will compile the appropriate rules ready for signage and present it at the next board meeting.

Cathy proposed that we change the age requirements for using the pool.  Anyone aged 16-18 must be accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older.  Anyone under the age16 must be accompanied by an Adult (18 or over) at all times while in using the pool and spa area.  No child under the age of 6 may use the hot tub.  Wayne seconded.  All in Favor.

Chris recommended that we adopt the Health Board ruling for the case where non-toilet trained children are allowed the use of the pool, the following guidelines apply:

A clean, close-fitting diaper with a plastic outer covering that has elastic at the waist and leg openings is required.

NOTE: Swim diapers, or diapers of any kind, do not prevent fecal bacteria from entering the pool water.  Incidents must be immediately reported.
Wayne seconded.  All in Favor.  (Carol if this is as clear as mud I will be glad to explain, and we do have the option to revise next month.

8.    Insurance:
The insurance has been increased to represent the current replacement  value of the buildings - $9,558,643.00.  This increased our insurance costs per year to $48,807.64.

9.    Reserve Study Update:
Cathy has agreed to update the Reserve Study and bring the revision to the board at the next meeting.

10. Updating of CCR’s:
All the changes to the CCR’s presented to the owners at the Annual Meeting were approved with the exception of 1.  The proposal to no longer allow new purchased to rent their units out was not approved.  Committees was set up to complete the changes to the CCR’s and bring it to the next board meeting for approval.  (Carol, Katy said she would gladly help, and of course I will also.  I am wondering if you would have the time to work with us, or if you feel that the way it was written for the proposal is the correct form).

11. Removal of Sidewalk: 
Deferred until next meeting


New Business:

1.    Vandalism:
Cathy informed the board that her boat had been ransacked and the gas syphoned.  The board followed with a discussion that maybe motion flood lights should be installed in the areas that are dark.  Wayne is going to look into what is available.  The Board is still investigating security systems.

2.    Winterizing:
Cathy stated that she has not sent out the winterizing letter but will do so in the next couple of weeks.

When the sidewalks and driveways were being pressure washed it was explained that the deterioration hard surfaces is largely caused by the use of salts to deice.  Cathy proposed that the Board have containers installed that would contain sand.  The owners then could use this to deice their steps and walkways.  Chris seconded.  All in favor.

3.    Changing of time of Board Meetings:
Wayne proposed that the meeting be changed to the third Friday of every month.  Deanne seconded.  All in favor.


Other Business:


1.    Katy stated that the gate beside her unit is constantly being left open.  Teens are going through the gate at night and she has to pick up trash left behind on a daily basis.  She requested that since the gate does not work properly that we permanently seal the gate closed.  Cathy is to contact the fire department to see if this complies with Fire Code.




Next Meeting:

Friday October 8, 2010 at 9am

Friday November 12, 2010 at 9am




Prepared by:  Katy Montfort, Secretary