Mariner’s Cove Condominium Owners Association


Unit Rental Policy and Rules


A number of units in the condominium are being rented by owners for revenue.  In order for renters to be aware of Association rules and regulations and to assist in keeping operating costs in check for all owners, please be aware of the following policy and rules:


1.     Effective immediately, all new rentals are subject to a non-refundable $50.00, one-time fee.  This fee is applicable each time a unit is rented to a new tenant.  Please remit this fee to the Association care of Bookkeeping Solutions.  A form is available to assist with your remittance and is also available as a PDF.

2.     All current and new tenants are required to complete and submit an information sheet (also available in PDF format), a completed Pet Application Form (also available in PDF format) and a Rental Agreement Supplement (also available in PDF format) to be submitted to the Association.  Owners renting their units are responsible for ensuring these documents are provided to the Association.

3.     Owners renting out units are also responsible for providing tenants with the Winterizing Memorandum, copy of the House Rules and a copy of the Pool and Spa Rules and Regulations.  Please note that it is State Law that the pool rules be provided annually to all tenants living in facilities with an on-site pool and it is Landlord’s (or authorized agent) responsibility to provide these to their tenants.


If you have any questions, please contact the Association Board.


Your assistance in applying these rules will help keep Mariner’s Cove Condominium a great place to live while managing operating costs.



Note! All rentals must be for a minimum of one year!